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月見台の部屋 moon-viewing platform

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ピクチャ 15

( today's author is Yuzo )

Kaiyu has the room called "moon-viewing platform". When I was first led into that room, Kaiyu's owner Mitsu chan explained to me that this room is designed to view a moon while lying on the bed, so the bed has higher height than normal one. After that, we come to Kaiyu every summer for several years and staying this moon-viewing room once or twice but I couldn't get the view of moon lying on the bed, so I couldn't fully get the intention of this room's design.

Although we staying now not moon-viewing room at 5th floor but the room at 2nd floor, I saw the moon by chance when I waked up last midnight.

The moon was center of the window which I can see from my bed without moving my head. Because I just waked up, moon was first vague but soon my eyes got focus and I realized the moon is about 3 days old.

"ah, there is the moon...."

I got mysterious feeling. "Good evening, Dear moon. You come here stealthy very close to us while we are sleeping." The moon viewing lying on the bed was luxurious and fantastic.

Kaiyu suggests not "staying" but "living" to their guest. I realized Mitsu chan wanted show this view to his guests at the moon-viewing room. Moon razing, moon set, and the direction of moon's position is changing every day, every month. I could get the view which can be got only by long "living" stay. By short staying, I couldn't get that view, I think.

As I watched the moon last night, Sana, sleeping between me and Yoko, cried for milk and Yoko started breast-feeding her. Both Yoko and Sana was almost sleeping. When the sounds of Sana's drinking disappeared the moon silently disappeared from the edge of the window.
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