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Due date 予定日

My second time maternity leave has been started since Oct. 19th and it's been one month and half, and I've been enjoying this slow life with my current family members and cleaned up "wanted to do, but couldn't due to the lack of time/energy" stuff.

Nov. 28th - today is the due date and the baby yet decided to come to this world, it's full moon tonight and even with that moon power, he won't come?? I've been hoping to welcome the baby on Dec. the first, so my hope might be come true. The count down until the due is now over and I will enjoy waiting time from now on.


本日 11/28日が予定日です。まだ、くる気配はありません。本日は満月で(満月は出産しやすいという説もあるのに)その満月パワーを借りても、まだ、です。妊娠中ずっと12/1に、と思っていたのがかなうかもしれません。カウントダウンは終了し、今日からは今か今かと待つ日々に転じます。

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